How to Use Solidback Back Stretcher

Back pain is a total buzz kill no matter what age.

So, if you’re dealing with low back pain, getting it checked out by a professional is highly advisable.

However, if you want relief while you’re at home, then getting a low back stretcher can be a great idea, too.

Keep reading to find out how to use a Solidback Back Stretcher and more relevant info about this device.

What is a lower back stretcher?

Lower back stretchers follow a half-moon shape mechanism that fits the contour of the spin. They can be used for both the upper and lower back.

You can find adjustable stretchers that adapt to different angles, providing fantastic stretch. However, Solidback offers fixed position and length of stretch.

The major purpose of lower back stretchers is to perform decompression, which may help relieve pressure on the spine.

Lower back stretchers give the muscles that support your spine the chance to relax and elongate.

When you let the spine elongate, you may help reverse the damaging effects of gravity, as well as the compression on the disc that takes place as people get older.

How to use Solidback back stretcher

Using a back stretcher is straightforward. You only need to:

1. Position the stretcher on the floor.
2. Put your lower back on one side of the stretcher.
3. Slowly lie on your back and ease your way into a complete stretch.

For added relaxation, rest in this posture for as long as you’re comfortable. Add a lavender-scented eye pillow or turn on a guided meditation for a mindful experience. Once you’ve done that, you can then come roll out to one side to come out of this posture.

Note that you can use the back stretcher in two ways:

1. While you’re lying on the floor
2. While you’re seated upright on a chair with a back

For first time users, you may need to find your sweet spot. Maneuvering this unit is key in finding comfort. Try various positions like knees down or up, maybe higher or lower on your lumbar curve. You should know once you find the right spot.

Using a lower back stretcher shouldn’t hurt. However, you might feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it.

If the stretcher continues to hurt, please discontinue usage. Work with your physical therapist or doctor to find a better way to navigate around your situation.

Tips for use:

If you find that the back stretcher feels too hard, try sliding it under a matter or another soft surface. You can also pick a blanket or towel to ease the discomfort.

When should you use a low back stretcher?

Back stretchers like Solidback is a great preventative measure to keep your back properly aligned. However, you can also use it when back pain strikes you.

Feel free to be consistent in using it, whether every day or every other day. For starters, use it for a few minutes and work your way up from there.

Solidback back stretcher is a portable choice for an on-the-go stretch. You can use it on your way to work or as you’re seated while working. It’s great in counteracting the hunched-forward posture that’s common in many occupations.

If your back pain persists, we recommend that you consult a physician. Knowing how to use Solidback back stretcher is a plausible complementary therapy for aching backs.