TAWA Percussive Deep Tissue Massage Gun Device

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This high-powered and multi-functional percussive massage gun was designed to become the ultimate recovery tool for both athletes and non-athletes alike. Manage your health in most convenient hours with the soothing and rejuvenating massage gun physical therapy that it provides.

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If you are often troubled by muscle soreness or muscle strain after a good work-out, or even mental exhaustion after a long day at work, this high-powered, multi-functional, and professional drill massage gun device from Tawa is the answer to your problems.

Ergonomically designed with 6 interchangeable massage heads and 20 different intensity and speed settings, this therapeutic power muscle massager gives you the best and most intimate massage care as it soothes different trigger points of the body. It effectively relieves your muscle pains and aches, reduces muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation, maintains your health, and promotes a quick, overall muscle recovery at home.

The deep tissue massage gun device uses a 24V, brushless, high-torque motor with noise reduction technology for a high-powered and low-noise deep healing relaxation. You don’t have to worry about it heating up as well since it has a highly efficient thermal ventilation design that reduces heat during use without sacrificing performance.

This deep tissue muscle massager also has a 2500-mA super battery for high capacity and long battery life of up to 4 hours. Portable and lightweight, its handle provides for a better grip that makes it perfect for carrying with you anywhere you want to.

We engineered this deep tissue muscle massage gun to meet your various muscle relaxation needs while ensuring a relaxing massage experience. Make massage therapy part of your lifestyle with Tawa’s professional massage drill gun.


  • Multi-functional personal care tool to lessen discomfort and muscle pain, relieve trigger points, and promote quick recovery while at home
  • 6 interchangeable massage heads to provide a deep tissue muscle treatment for a relaxing massage experience
  • 20 adjustable speed settings to choose from for deep muscle relief, decreased pain, increased blood circulation, enhanced range of motion, and overall recovery
  • 24V brushless, high-torque motor with noise reduction technology to optimize deep healing relaxation
  • High-efficiency thermal ventilation design that reduces heat usage without sacrificing performance
  • Portable and lightweight, with silicone handle for a better grip; perfect for carrying anywhere you want to go
  • 2500-mA battery for a longer performance of up to 4 hours

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