TAWA Beauty Hand Mitts


  • 3 easy steps to soft, smooth skin. Do not use while sleeping.
  • Thermal spa heat for softer, healthier-looking hands
  • Heat opens pores allowing the moisturizer to condition dry skin
  • Even heat stimulates and revitalizes entire hand
  • Choose from 3 temperature settings; auto-off
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Beautiful hands start here as you slip into smoothing and soothing warmth.

TAWA Beauty Hand Mitts are just what weary hands need to renew, refresh and revive. Say goodbye to cracked and dry hands and treat yourself to a luxurious and classic spa service at home with thermally heated hand mitts. Take a break from the stress of every day to relax, while these heated beauty mitts give you smooth, soft hands in minutes.
3 heat settings allow you to select the temperature setting that’s right for your hands…or your mood. And 3 easy steps get you silky, smooth skin in minutes. First, apply your favorite moisturizer all over your hands—any brand will do. Then gently wrap your hands in plastic wrap. There is no need to wrap them too tightly. Just be sure to seal in the moisturizer. Lastly, slip your hands into the soothing heated mitts. Then find a nice space to relax and close your eyes while the heat does the work.

As your pores on your hands open, the moisturizer penetrates more deeply than if you just applied it without heat. The even heat of these soft hand gloves ensures that every inch of your skin is stimulated and softened for baby-soft hands. Your formerly dry skin will emerge smooth, soft and more healthy-looking.

The auto-off feature means you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your mitts on. And you can wipe them for easy cleaning after use.

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