Reaching Where You Can’t

Our lightweight reaching aid has been specifically designed to assist you with hard-to-reach areas. Simply grab the reaching aid along the textured, comfortable handle and position the grabber around the object to be picked up. Gently squeeze the trigger and allow the rubber grabber jaws to fasten securely around the object. Reduce the strain on your back and allow the reaching aid to assist you.

Adjustable Rubber Head

The reaching aid may be set in the vertical position to clamp down on household objects laying on their side, or may be set in the horizontal position to grab standing objects. Whether you are reaching for the phone or grabbing the mail on the ground, relax and let the grabber do the work.

Lightweight and Durable

Made from ultra lightweight aluminum, the reaching aid remains durable and strong without the added weight.

The TAWA Short Grabber Tool is a great reaching aid making it easy to grab items in a variety of situations. The shorter grabber is lightweight making it easier to handle. Reach your favorite book, magazine or phone without having to leave the comfort of your chair. Easily store the tool when it’s not use. The reaching aid can also help in the laundry room grabbing stray pieces of laundry in the back of the dryer. Pick up trash from the ground without having to bend over.

DIMENSIONS: 19″ L x 4.5″ H x 1″ W. Weight: 6 ounces



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