When you need to reach something on the top shelf or step up to a higher level such as a kitchen cabinet or closet shelf, the TAWA Step Stool with Handle gives you the height and stability you need. Unlike most step stools, this one is designed with a handle and a non-slip base to ensure your safety. Never worry about items being out of reach or stepping onto high places again.

TAWA Step Stool with Handle IS GREAT FOR:

  • Stepping up to reach high cupboards
  • Stepping up into bed
  • Stepping up into vehicles
  • Stepping into or out of a bathtub


  • Stability handle
  • Non-slip textured matting
  • Light weight design is easy to lift and move around
  • Use with or without the handle


  • 10 by 14.5 by 9 inches
  • Step height 9 inches
  • Recommended weight is 300 pounds
  • Step stool weight is 8.5 pounds
  • Contains latex


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