Healthy Support

Unlike standard folding manual wheelchairs, the TAWA Excursion Wheelchair conforms to and supports the natural and healthy lumbar curve of the spine, thus preventing the user from slouching forward and squeezing spinal discs with a tremendous amount of unhealthy pressure.

Improves Posture

Decreasing unhealthy pressure on the spine results in healthier discs, a stronger back, and long-lasting comfort while seated. Our improved seat angle aligns the pelvis for proper ergonomic posture, prevents slipping and slouching forward, improves user stability, and reduces seat shear on sensitive pressure points of the buttocks.

Lightweight and Portable

Among the lightest of their kind, TAWA Excursion Wheelchair weigh only 19-26 lbs (depending on model) and have a compact, foldable design that fits easily into the trunk of your car.

Highly Adjustable

Velcro adjustable back flaps allow the user to easily adjust the location and firmness of lumbar support. There’s no need for bulky cushions or other support structures, and the swing-away detachable footrests allow for easy entry and exit.






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