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Your All-In-One Stop for Winning that Healthy Living

Enough breathing spells can help you stay well

As life shakes you to your core, finding respite from your daily grind is a leisure time. With your busy schedule, we understand how you find it difficult to step back and find your center again. We, at Tawa, aim to give you the best home care medical supplies right at your doorstep.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, an outgoing young professional, or just someone who wants a way to boost your overall health, we will fill you in with the right products at a very affordable cost.


We specialize in giving you top-rated home care medical products. Our line stretches from premium-quality yoga mats and spa products to high-quality medical supplies and supplements and more! We make sure to provide it all at the lowest guaranteed price possible!

Tawa Pro Home Care Medical Supplies Of 2021

Do you need specific equipment to complement your wellness needs? Here at Tawa, we got your back (literally)!

From hearing aids to mobility equipment and other medical supplies, our inventory is ready to suit your needs. We care about how much you enjoy being active. So, choose from our selections of wheelchairs, canes, braces, and support. We even have a trusty first aid kit for your convenience!

From merely offering relaxation supplies, Tawa has gone a long way.

Tawa understands how personal everyone’s wellness journeys are. Some people might need relaxation tools to forget the stressful week. Others might need more than that. That is why we aim to be more inclusive when it comes to picking excellent products and supplies.
Everything in our product selection mirrors our brand’s promise: to provide high-quality and durable home care medical supplies.

Tawa Pro health and wellness of 2021

Unmatched Home Care Medical Supplies

Anything from yoga products to mobility equipment, Tawa got them all and more!​

Tawa Pro health and wellness of 2021

Unparalleled Customer Service

We treat all our customers with respect, and we aim to give them everything they need and ask regarding our products.

Tawa Pro health and wellness of 2021

Lowest Price Ever

Our products are of high quality, yet with the lowest price guaranteed.